Image/Data Processing

Image and data processing systems such as video and mission processors are at the heart of aviation applications and may include: sensor fusion, video overlays, symbology, target tracking algorithms, moving maps, and creating other essential data for avionics and mission systems.

  • Mission computers
  • Graphics generators

Frame Grabber / Video Generator

Frame Grabber cards are used to transmit and receive ARINC 818 video streams. They can convert video, generate ARINC818 video streams and can be used in high-speed video recorders. Frame Grabbers are used in multiple phases of an aerospace engineering program to include; engineering, simulation labs, qualification testing, flight testing and production testing. They are used in large area display (LAD) and conventional display development, avionics video, ATP for production displays, and cockpit simulators. These cards test ARINC 818 systems and diagnosing the health of the video links.

Common features :

  • Frame Grabber, Video Generator, ARINC 818 to/from DVI
  • Full-featured test applications 
  • Optional Windows and Linux SDKs available